You have stamps for sale or donation?

You have just rediscovered the stamp collection of your youth. You may have inherited your father’s collection, or that of your grand-mother.

The first question you may ask yourself is, “Is it worth anything and, if so, how much?”


Before going any further, there are some other important questions you need to consider:


·      What is the state of the collection? Are the stamps damaged or are they properly mounted or hinged? If everything seems to be in order, there might be reasons to be hopeful.

·      Where do the stamps come from? Are they stamps that have been removed from incoming mail envelopes over time? If so, chances are the collection is not very valuable. Unfortunately, this is often the case since many stamps have been issued in such great numbers that they are practically worthless. Only new collectors could have an interest in such stamps which can generally be bought for 0.05$ a piece, or in bulk for next to nothing. If this is the case, we would encourage you to give them to a new collector (we could also do it for you).


On the other hand, you might have reason to believe the previous owner has invested time and money in the collection if he or she has:

·       Been a member of a stamp club

·       Made exchanges with one or many foreign correspondents

·       Bought stamps from other collectors or from stamp dealers

·       Participated in commercial stamp auctions such as Sparks Auctions here in Ottawa


If some or all of these conditions apply, then it is possible the collection has a certain value.




For us at the Amicale des philatélistes de l’Outaouais (APO), stamp collecting is an interesting hobby and we would encourage you to join us so that you can improve your collection. Who knows? You could develop a new passion!


If this is not of interest, you can still come and meet with us.  We would be happy to help you determine the value of your stamps. Please review our calendar of activities and come when we are having a meeting. We will find someone to talk with you. This being said, we are not accredited experts and our love of stamp collecting does not make us professional stamp appraisers. An alternative is to consult a stamp dealer such as Chris Green, here in Ottawa, who could help you. He may buy your collection or a few interesting pieces.


Finally, if you are convinced that you own some high value pieces, we would suggest that you contact Sparks Auctions at


Thank you for consulting our website. 

We look forward to seeing you if you choose to stop by!