Table auctions

This year, our auctions will be held on November 19, 2018, February 18, 2018 and

April 15, 2018.

It should be noted that only members in good standing may present lots but that any person can participate in the auctions. Welcome to members and visitors!


General rules

  • Members of the APO are the only persons who can submit lots for the auctions.
  • Members can submit up to 20 lots per auction. However, the auction director may on occasion request supplementary lots.
  • Lots must have a minimal value of $1.00 or $2.00 for the special auction scheduled on the activity calendar.
  • Auctions start by viewing the lots at 18:30. Bidding starts at 19:30.
  • Members who wish to present lots must arrive at 18:00 to submit their lots to the organizers.


Before the auction


A few weeks before each auction (the precise date appears on the activity calendar), members must send a descriptive list of the lots they wish to present using the Excel form that can be downloaded from the link below. Once a list is completed, the file can be sent to Lyse Morin at the following address:


The week preceding the auction, the auction director will send via email the auction’s catalogue where lots will each be identified by a given number. It is the responsibility of the owner to transfer these numbers onto the appropriate lot presentation form before the evening of the auction.


On auction evening


Viewing of the lots starts at 18:30 followed by the auction at 19:30. Upon arrival, each participant must register and will receive a bidder number.


Members who wish to submit lots must arrive at 18:00 in order to hand them to the organizers. Members would have previously completed the appropriate presentation form for each lot with their member number (in the upper left corner). Vendors are strongly encouraged to indicate the year and catalogue used to determine the value of the lots (e.g. Scott 2016). Presentation forms can be downloaded by clicking on the link below, and members can print as many copies as required.


The auction


Members who wish to bid on a given lot must write the amount of their bid and their bidder number in the appropriate section of the presentation form. Please make sure that you come to the auction with a pen or pencil.


Once the viewing period is over, there will be a 10 to 15 minute break to allow the volunteers time to gather the lots and prepare the auction.

  • *If 1 or 2 offers have been recorded, the lot goes to the highest bidder.
  • *If 3 offers are recorded, the lot is withdrawn from the table and goes to “the floor” to be auctioned.
  • * Lots that did not receive any offers are put aside under the name of the owner and given back to him or her afterward.
  • * Lots that received 1 or 2 offers are put aside under the name of the person who made the highest offer and given back afterward against payment.
  • *Lots that received 3 offers are auctioned. When a lot is attributed, it goes back to the table under the name of winning bidder along with his or her other lots if any.


Once the auction is over, there will be another 5 to 10 minute break to allow the volunteers enough time to organize the dispatching and payment of the lots.


After the pause, bidders are called to the room one at a time according to their bidder number. Once in the room, they will take back their unsold lots (if any) and their table purchases before going to the person responsible to pay for the lots and giving back their bidder number.


Members who have sold lots will be paid at the next meeting. The APO will retain 10% of the sale price of each lot sold.


See you at the next auction!


Auction forms

List of the lots you are offering
Please send the completed list to Lyse Morin, at
Liste des lots_vendeur_encan_2018-2019.x
Feuille de calcul Microsoft Excel 14.1 KB
Auction sheet
Please note that this PDF contains 2 extra blank sheets. Ignore them
Formulaire Encan APO 2021.pdf
Document Adobe Acrobat 70.9 KB
Document Microsoft Word 26.1 KB